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Baby koala first for Columbus Zoo in 15 years

Baby koala first for Columbus Zoo in 15 years

Sarah Sole

If you notice one of the koala’s bellies moving at your next visit to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, you’re not imagining things. 

According to a Jan. 5 release from the Zoo, Katy the koala’s “baby bump” moves a bit now, because her joey, born July 5, is developing inside her pouch. 

Were you expecting a tiny koala baby? We were, too. 


But since koalas are marsupials, they give birth to tiny, underdeveloped young—think koalas the size of jelly beans.

The Zoo’s new joey is about the size of a softball, he has a fine layer of fur, and he’s also opened his eyes. Guests might see glimpses of small arms or legs until mid-March, when the joey will outgrow mama’s pouch. 

“With only 53 koalas residing in nine AZA-accredited facilities in North America, the birth of this koala joey is an extremely significant achievement. We are thrilled to celebrate the new year with this great news, and we are proud of our continued commitment in working to protect the future of koalas and other species across the globe,” said Columbus Zoo and Aquarium President/CEO Tom Stalf in the release.

Time to take advantage of the Zoo’s discounted winter prices to pay this little joey a visit. 


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