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COSI reopens tomorrow: Here’s what you should know

COSI reopens tomorrow: Here’s what you should know

Sarah Sole

When COSI opens its doors to the public again tomorrow, it will be offering new exhibits and programming, along with an updated air sterilization system.

The science museum at 333 W. Broad St. was shuttered last year due to COVID-19, though it offered some virtual and online programming, according to Dr. Frederic Bertley, president and CEO of COSI.

But with a decline in COVID-19 cases across the county and a rise in vaccinations throughout the state, COSI has decided to reopen its doors, Bertley said.

“Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, COSI has been committed to reopening at an appropriate time and in a manner that ensures the safety of the COSI ream and our valued members and guests,” Bertley said. “The team cannot wait to safely invite the community back to our building.”


New programming upon the reopening will include ¡Cuba!, an exhibit from the American Museum of Natural History that includes information about the island’s rich history and culture and stories from Cuban people, he said. Visitors will be able to learn about Cuba’s complex history as well as the island’s biological diversity.

Starting June 26, guests will be able to view Animation Academy, an event focusing on various forms of animation, from pre-film animation devices to computer-generated animated films.

Both the Cuba exhibit and the animation exhibit will be included with admission this summer.

While COSI’s reopening comes with new programming, it also includes an update to the museum’s HVAC system, thanks to an investment in a new UV-C Photohydroionization air sterilization system in partnership with Dublin-based HVAC company Air Force One.

For info on some COSI experiences that could remain closed for the foreseeable future, visit


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