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Otherworld is expanding

Otherworld is expanding

Sarah Sole

Soon guests will have even more to explore at Otherworld.

The immersive art experience at 5819 Chantry Dr. is breaking ground on an additional 26,000 square feet next door and has plans for more artists, more rooms to explore, and an art- and tech-infused, 2,000-person music venue, according to information shared by the Otherworld team. 

“Our current venue is transitional, and we have to set it up and tear it down each night,” said Founder Jordan Renda. “We’re looking forward to creating an upgraded permanent version next door. We’re taking one of the most unique live music experiences out there and making it that much better.”


The new space is adjacent to the existing location in a space formerly occupied by PetSmart. It will be connected to the existing space, Renda said. New exhibits are scheduled to open early next year. 

Scott Schaaf, art director, said the team is excited to apply the lessons they’ve learned from their first buildout. 

“Our production cycle has become more streamlined, so there’s a lot more room for larger concepts and experimentation,” Schaaf said. “This gives us more opportunities to collaborate with more local artists.”

Sam Corlett, operations director, said she’s most looking forward to continuing to see the experiences they’re designing come to life through artist collaborations. 

“It’s been really rewarding to see some very wild ideas actualized into awesome visitor interactions and some really special moments,” Corlett said. “I am really looking forward to seeing more of that.”


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