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Cereal, marshmallows, and cheesecake: The dessert tacos you need to try

Cereal, marshmallows, and cheesecake: The dessert tacos you need to try

Jack McLaughlin

Mandy Miller hasn’t been operating Sugar Rush Columbus—the wildly fun and inventive Reynoldsberg bakery—for even two years at this point, but in that short span of time she’s already put together some of the most memorable (and delicious) desserts we’ve seen in a while.

And she’s not slowing down.

While the confectioners are known primarily for their custom cakes and boldly-flavored cupcakes, they’ve recently rolled out the 6-$14 menu, a list of must-try new items.

Now available every day, the different treats are just as flavorful as they are exciting, with the headliner being their new, wholly unique dessert tacos.


“We are always researching for new and fun ideas. We are always open to suggestions from our staff,” Miller said. “The taco idea actually came from my husband. He tends to give very off the wall ideas, but this one made me think he was going somewhere with it.”

The sweet, eye-catching treats take on aspects of the venerable Choco Taco, combined with the best cereal bar you’ve ever had, and a touch of cheesecake for good measure. Each taco “shell” is created using different cereal with marshmallow as binder, stuffed with cheesecake filling, and then generously sprinkled with a variety of different toppings. 

However, Miller noted that there are still some secret ingredients that make them extra special, just not ones she’s willing to divulge. 

The tacos come in multiple flavors, including Fruity Fun, Cookie Explosion, Cinnamon Twist, and a new blueberry variety. And like most things at Sugar Rush Columbus, Miller and company are always tweaking flavors to keep things fresh.

“We tend to switch up flavors a lot so I’m always thinking of ways to draw more customers in,” she said.

And if it’s something else you’re craving, the 6-$14 menu is full of other options equal parts exciting and delicious, such as milkshakes stacked to the ceiling with candy and treats, donut ring toss towers, sugar stix, brownie bites platters, and of course—since this is where the bakery got it start after all—lots of crazy cake to boot.


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