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Channel your inner child with this Cereal Milk Pie

Channel your inner child with this Cereal Milk Pie

Sarah Sole

Who didn’t love slurping up the milk after finishing a bowl of cereal as a kid? (We still do.)

Dough Mama Pie & Pastry, 3335 N. High St., has taken that nostalgia and turned it into one of the things they do best: Pie.


Owner Perrie Wilkof said they ended up creating the custard pie in response to the popularity of their Cereal Milk Latte.

“We also wanted to create something whimsical, delicious, unique, and new, after such a hard year,” she said.

One of Dough Mama’s bakers, Brice Knapp, developed the pie based on popular classic Sugar Cream Pie, which the bakery has never had on offer before, Wilkof said.

The pie gets its cereal vibe from an infusion of Captain Crunch berries.

The best part? You can eat it as slowly as you like: This riff on cereal won’t get soggy.

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