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Chef Hīrō announces new “Ghost Truck” service

Chef Hīrō announces new “Ghost Truck” service

Jack McLaughlin

Chef Hīrō, the popular Columbus cook who travels the city in a food truck covered in Anime, is still searching for his own brick and mortar space to call home.

But when he does, instead of selling his iconic food truck, he’ll be putting it to good use.

He plans on doing so by launching the Ghost Truck Program. Announced by Chef Hīrō yesterday, the new service will act as an incubator space for up and coming Columbus chefs and restaurants, who will be able to rent his truck to operate out of for a limited time.


“Instead of selling my old food truck, I plan on renting it out to local chefs to showcase their skill and their brand,” Chef Hīrō said in a statement posted to his Instagram. “Hopefully this will provide exposure to people starting out from their apartment like I did.”

Chef Hīrō is actively searching for a new restaurant space, meaning the Ghost Truck could be coming soon.

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