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Chocolate Cafe’s new “Express” location will open next week

Chocolate Cafe’s new “Express” location will open next week

Jack McLaughlin

Who can say no to more chocolate?

While the popular local confectionery Chocolate Cafe has had plans to open a second location in the Brewery District since early summer, they’re finally coming to fruition.

Chocolate Cafe Express is set to hold its official grand opening on Sept. 15..


The new shop will be located at 730 S. High St. in the Brewery District. It will be open from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m. daily. Its original Grandview-area storefront at 1855 Northwest Blvd. will continue to operate normally as well.

As its name implies, the new storefront will serve as an express or “satellite” version of the popular spot for coffee, creative baked goods, light sandwiches, fresh bread, and decadent milkshakes.

According to owner Lisa Boyle, Chocolate Cafe Express will feature a simpler, more scaled-back menu than the store’s original location, although the core of its offerings will remain the same. 

It will offer delivery and carry-out services only.

“The space will be perfect for a quick lunch, hot cup of coffee and, of course, something sweet,” Chocolate Café said in an Instagram post.

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