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Combination record store and craft beer bar re-opening Friday

Combination record store and craft beer bar re-opening Friday

Jack McLaughlin

After being shuttered for a full 18 months, one of the most unique businesses in Columbus is opening its door once again.

Craft & Vinyl, a combination craft beer bar, vinyl record store and live music venue will re-open on Sept. 24. The store is located at 1806 W. 5th Ave.

“It’s been a difficult road for so many. I count myself fortunate that I do get the opportunity to come back,” said owner Troy Stacy. “There were times I could have opened again but wanted to be a good citizen. Now that vaccines have gone up and we’re wearing masks again, it takes a lot of concern out of the equation for me.”


Stacy, a former music marketer, opened the store in 2018. It previously featured an on-site recording studio as well, but that was relocated last summer.

And now that Craft & Vinyl is finally ready to return, Stacy is turning Friday’s re-opening into a celebration.

“I think for us it’s a special event, just because we get this opportunity to open again,” he said.

The event kicks off at 6:30, when local band Letters of Transit will take the in-store stage. They’ll be followed by headliner Cream Camino.

The store will observe limited hours following Friday’s event, meaning it will only be open on weekend evenings until Tracy and his staff are ready to assume regular hours.

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