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Cool down with these ice cream sandwiches

Cool down with these ice cream sandwiches

Sarah Sole

Columbus, the sweets gods have bestowed a gift upon us just in time for the hotter months.

Sugar Rush‘s mash-up cookies were such a huge hit that for the summer, Owner Mandy Miller decided to combine them with ice cream. Starting July 1, her ice cream sammies will be offered year round.


These sammies though, aren’t your average frozen treat.

“We use our very popular mash up cookies with Velvet’s vanilla ice cream,” Miller said. “Our mash up cookies are out of this world. We combine our crazy flavors into our soft baked jumbo cookies.”

You can even, get this, pick two DIFFERENT cookies for your sammie. Mind blown.

Cookie flavors include:
Cosmic Nights
Peanut Butter Overload
The Elvis
Lemon Drop
Strawberry Cheesequake
Chocolate Chip
Kitchen Sink
Cookies and Cream
Cookie Buttah
The Jiminy Cricket
Over the Rainbow

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