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Daytrip Spotlight: Ohio’s only gluten-free brewery

Daytrip Spotlight: Ohio’s only gluten-free brewery

Jack McLaughlin

What happens if you’re diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease but you still really love craft beer? You start the only entirely gluten-free craft brewery in Ohio. 

At least, that’s what owners of Rolling Mill Brewing Company Josh and Megan Laubach did. 

“When Josh was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, he quickly noticed a lack of gluten-free beer options available. We realized there was a tremendous gap in the brewery industry for quality gluten-free brews,” Megan Laubach said.


Rolling Mill–located roughly 80 miles from downtown Columbus in Middletown, Ohio–was launched by the couple in 2017.

And while operating the state’s only gluten-free brewery is unique in itself, the Laubach’s beer-making process also stands out within the gluten-free beer community.  

While many brewers will opt to remove gluten after a beer has been brewed (which typically results in a brew that still contains a residual amount of it), Rolling Mill sidesteps gluten at the very beginning of their brewing.

“We do not remove any gluten, but rather, simply brew our beer with gluten-free ingredients,”Megan Laubach said “We use traditional brewing methods combined with not-so traditional ingredients including rice, millet and buckwheat.”

The final product is good enough that Rolling Mill regularly attracts craft drinkers without gluten sensitivities as well.

“Both gluten and non-gluten customers love our beer and often compliment us on the taste,”  Megan Laubach added.

Beers like Two Goldens, a light lager named after the brewers pair of golden retrievers, have quickly become a fan favorite. And as awareness of gluten intolerances continues to rise, so does the young brewery’s customer base.

“We have really seen an increased demand for gluten-free beer. We know there is a significant need for gluten-free beer, and we are working hard to get the word out that we exist–especially for people who have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease,” Megan Laubach said.

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