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Destination Donuts relocating to standalone storefront in Clintonville

Destination Donuts relocating to standalone storefront in Clintonville

Jack McLaughlin

These donuts are rolling.

That’s because the popular North Market vendor Destination Donuts is moving to its first-ever standalone storefront, located at 3519 N. High St.

With their new location set to open in late October, Destination Donuts will close its North Market space on Oct. 11. 


Known for using premium ingredients and avoiding preservatives, the spot turns out inventive flavors like cinnamon toast, chocolate bacon, and red raspberry hibiscus.

“We chose to relocate for a variety of reasons,” said Destination Donuts owner Heather Morris. “We have been looking for a brick and mortar for a couple of years now, and when this opportunity presented itself we felt it was too good to pass up.”

One of the benefits of the new space, according to Morris, is its larger size. At 975 square feet, the Clintonville location is more than double the size of their smaller North Market stall.

“We are elated to be moving to a bigger space,” she said. “We have an opportunity to potentially expand our menu offerings, as well as offer catering which was not an option previously due to space constraints.”

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