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Donut & Beer Fest is coming to Columbus for the first time

Donut & Beer Fest is coming to Columbus for the first time

Jack McLaughlin

As beer is mostly nocturnal, and donuts usually only come out during the day, the two rarely get a chance to cross paths.

Until now, that is.

That’s because Donut & Beer Fest is coming to Columbus. The event will be held on Oct. 16 at Huntington Park, from 2-7 p.m.


Billed as the “first and only donut and beer fest ever created,” the event started in 2017 in Michigan, and this year it’s headed south.

Guests receive beer and donut tokens that can be exchanged for samples from a wide variety of local breweries, cider-makers and bakers. The event also features live music and activities throughout the day.

General admission tickets ($35) include seven beer tokens and ten donut tokens, while VIP tickets ($50) include twelve beer tokens, ten donut tokens, a “Donut worry. Beer happy,” hat, and early entry to the event—meaning fewer lines and no supply issues.

You can buy tickets here.

And if you decide not to drink, the event offers alcohol-free packages as well. Because even if it’s your turn as designated driver, eating some of the best donuts Columbus has to offer is a pretty good consolation prize. 

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