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Get your mini donut fix with this new food truck

Get your mini donut fix with this new food truck

Sarah Sole

Lemon blueberry with lemon glaze. Double chocolate Oreo with vanilla bean glaze.

These are just two of the mini donut flavors offered by Dodo Donuts, a new mini donut food truck celebrating its grand opening from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. tomorrow, May 15 at the Beechwold Farm Market, 4662 Indianola Ave.

Dodo Donuts founder Ciara Auddino Barnum said she was inspired by Red Cross women during WW2 bringing donuts to American troops on the front lines.

“While on a trip with my husband to NYC we ate mini donuts in Manhattan. I figured why not develop my idea even more and bring minis to Columbus.”


Dodo Donuts makes their donuts fresh to order, deriving their flavors from unique sugar blends. Their PBJ flavor, for example, comes from dehydrating and powdering strawberries with roasted peanuts.

“We really wanted to make donuts that people could share and have the opportunity to get many different flavors rather [than] having to choose between the flavor and only end up with one big donut,” Auddino Barnum said.

The year-round menu includes: 
-Apple pie with cinnamon glaze 
-PBJ with peanut glaze-lemon blueberry with lemon glaze 
-trail mix with Nocino
-chocolate-double chocolate Oreo with vanilla bean glaze 
-classic powder sugar with mixed berry basil jelly

You can find Dodo Donuts on Instagram @the_dodo_trailer.

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