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Ears here! Check out these local sweet corn dishes for a summer treat

Ears here! Check out these local sweet corn dishes for a summer treat

Jack McLaughlin

Aside from overusing the word “muggy,” nothing quite says summer in the midwest like sweet corn. And we’re in the dog days now, because the first few shipments of local corn have arrived in Columbus.

One of the more versatile seasonal staples, corn can be sweet, savory, or even both at the same time. That means, in the hands of a talented Columbus chef, the possibilities are pretty much endless. 

For your reading (and hopefully eating) pleasure, we’ve put together a list of some great summer sweet corn dishes available throughout the city. It might not be an exclusive one, but it sure is a great place to start. So grab an ear, and let’s go.


Harvest Pizzeria, Spicy Yuma

A classic Columbus spot for wood-fired pizza, Harvest (as its name implies) strives to use fresh and sustainable ingredients wherever. Which means fresh sweet corn on one of their more inventive pies, the Spicy Yuma. It features chipotle tomato sauce, a gouda and havarti cheese blend, chorizo, jalapeño, roasted red pepper, cilantro, and, of course, sweet corn.

Smith Farm Market, Sweet Corn Biscuits

Don’t overlook local farm markets as a great spot to grab a quick bite, especially if it’s something produce-centric you’re after. These golden beauties are billed as “a twist on traditional cornbread, but way better,” which means you can sign us up immediately. The farm market recommends topping them with some hot pepper jam and or habanero honey. We agree.

Laguna Mexican Street Food & Ice Cream, Elote

Also referred to as Mexican street corn, elote is quite possibly one of the most underrated summertime snacks of all time. The delicious, highly portable—it’s often served on a stick—dish starts with a whole ear of corn that’s grilled and later topped with lime juice, mayo, cheese, and a healthy dusting of spicy chili powder. 

The Crest, Sweet Corn Risotto 

This hip Clintonville spot is known for elevated American fare, and this dish fits the billing. Using sweet corn and pickled roasted trumpet mushrooms, this risotto is hearty and savory without being heavy or overly filling. Plus, it’s both vegetarian and gluten-free, so corn lovers with dietary restrictions can enjoy it as well.

Blonde Bomb Bakery, Corn and Blueberry Cookies

We’ve never tried corn in a cookie before, but we’re definitely about to cross that one off of our list shortly. This one features local blueberries, corn, and corn flour. It’s described as a brown butter sugar cookie by owner Sarah Biggard, and you’d be crazy to pass this one up. You do have time to try it though, as Blonde Bomb plans to sell them all summer long.

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