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Former Platform employee says he had repeated issues with receiving checks

Former Platform employee says he had repeated issues with receiving checks

Sarah Sole

A delivery driver with Platform’s Columbus taproom said he continually experienced issues with his paycheck. 

Chris Williams, who started with Platform in April of last year, said he was trying to work a part-time job to pick up extra hours. He said that he chose to stay at the business despite the paycheck issues. 

“It was a good crew of people to work with,” Williams said. 

But Williams was part of the walkout that happened this past weekend at Platform Beer Co.’s 408 N. 6th St. taproom. According to images shared on Instagram by @thefullbellyblogger, staff allegedly expressed disappointment in Platform’s attention to the safety of staff and the public and cited multiple complaints, including allegations of black mold in a food storage cooler. 


Though Williams said he could only speak to his own experience, he said he saw Platform let go numerous people instead of sitting down with the employees and addressing any issues. 

“Platform didn’t really like, value its employees,” he said. 

Williams said he came to work at Platform because he was friends with one of the bartenders. When he got hired, he gave management his information, but ended up not receiving a paycheck. 

Eventually they figured out that he didn’t receive a check because there was a typo in his house address. Williams decided to rectify the issue by just having Platform send his checks straight to the bar. But when subsequent checks were still delayed, he realized Platform had used the bar’s street address but kept his home zip code. 

“Now I’m a delivery driver and an accountant,” he said of the experience. 

While he couldn’t speak to some of the allegations in the staff letter posted via social media, Williams said he drove his personal vehicle for deliveries and got compensated for mileage. The letter alleges that drivers had been told they were required to drive company vans instead of their own vehicles to save the company from paying them mileage. 

Platform co founders Justin Carson and Paul Benner over the weekend issued a statement confirming the resignation of several staff members. In part, they said that the Columbus taproom would be closed temporarily while they meet with current and former employees.  


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