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From pizzeria to pasta-making station, take an early look inside the new Carfagna’s store

From pizzeria to pasta-making station, take an early look inside the new Carfagna’s store

Jack McLaughlin

We’ve done enough talking about Carfagna’s Famous Market & Ristorante, which is opening in Polaris on Sept. 7.

What we haven’t done, though, is show you the new and improved Italian mega-market.

Carfagna’s invited (614) to check out the new store—located  at 1440 Gemini Pl. in Polaris— before its official opening, and we’re ready to give our readers a sneak peak of what we saw.

Directly off the main entrance is a high-end liquor store—featuring both wine and spirits—with an ornate, villa-style entrance. It also contains a cigar humidor.

But if you don’t feel like buying and mixing your own drinks, you can always have one of the knowledgeable Carfagna’s bartenders pour you a cocktail in their sleek and spacious bar area.

The new Carfagna’s will feature a fully-functional restaurant space—serving up your favorite classic Carfagna’s recipes— complete with a large and tasteful dining room

“Shop, taste, and learn” is one of the mottos of the new location, according to Sal Carfagna, Marketing Director of the family-owned business. It will even include a classroom where customers can learn to make their favorite Carfagna’s recipes.

Patrons can enjoy a hot slice fresh from the oven, or opt for a take-and-bake pie from the on-site pizzeria.

Carfagna’s cheesemongers, pasta-makers, and deli workers will be set up in stations with clear sight lines from every angle. This allows customers to watch their wares as they’re prepared by knowledgeable staff members and ask any questions they might have.

The shop’s piazza mimics the town squares and gathering spots in traditional Italian villages. Grab a coffee or some gelato and take a seat while you wait for a friend, or simply take in the bustling atmosphere.

Last but definitely not least is the on-site butcher shop. With an awning harkening back to Carfagna’s locations of old, the store’s massive meat department is a large part of what put them on the map.

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