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Popular craft beer vendor closes Polaris location

Popular craft beer vendor closes Polaris location

Sarah Sole

The Daily Growler has permanently closed its location inside the Food Hall at Polaris Fashion Place, according to a Feb. 15 press release. 

The location’s last operational date was Dec. 27. 

In the release, owner John W. Blakely said he and his team were optimistic as they headed into their second year at the Polaris location. But while they were working with Polaris Fashion Place on a slew of spring and summer events, the March pandemic shutdown hit.

“We tried to re-open a couple of different times, but with limited hours and such a small footprint, it proved a sisyphean endeavor,” he said in the release.  “Like a lot of businesses forced to close because of the pandemic, we’ll probably always wonder ‘what if’ with that location.”


The Daily Growler also has locations in Upper Arlington, Powell, and German Village/Brewery District. 

Blakely told us that while The Daily Growler has experienced a “significant slowdown” during the pandemic like many bars and restaurants, the other locations will make it through the winter. 

Meanwhile, he’s still open to establishing another location in the Polaris area. 

“The leasing team was great to work with and while we don’t have plans for anything future in that area, we’d certainly listen if they had an opportunity they thought we’d be a good fit for.” Blakely said. 


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