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From sausage to eclairs, here are all the local pumpkin-spice foods you need to try

From sausage to eclairs, here are all the local pumpkin-spice foods you need to try

Jack McLaughlin

Here at (614), we’ve swallowed our pride on the whole pumpkin-spice debate. Some people might hate it, but at the end of the day, we just can’t fight those fall flavors. So we’ve decided to put together a list of weirdest, wildest, and outright best-tasting pumpkin-spice dishes you can find around Columbus. Dig in.

Saddlberk, Pumpkin-spice Sausage

Saddleberk has been open at North Market Bridge Park for less than a week, but they’re already at the forefront of the city’s fall-flavor charge. The artisan butcher shop has prepared their iconic Berkshire pork sausages with a festive blend of familiar warm spices that you shouldn’t knock until you’ve tried.


The Buckeye Lady, Pumpkin Buckeyes

We’re not sure we can think of a single thing that screams “Fall in Ohio” more than pumpkin Buckeyes, so here they are. These start with The Buckeye Lady’s classic peanut butter base before incorporating pumpkin puree and crunchy pumpkin cookie pieces.

Peanut Butter & Jenny, Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter

It’s hard to peanut butter. With classic fall warm spices and a touch of maple syrup, there’s a real chance this is better than the OG, though. Limited quantities are available, so make sure to check out their online store today.

Pistacia Vera, The Pumpkin Spice Éclair

If you want to stay within the world of pumpkin-spice but want to opt for a higher-end treat, this is the one for you. Pistacia Vera’s newest seasonal masterpiece contains pâte à choux dough topped pumpkin pastry cream, pepita croquant & spiced whipped cream. *chef’s kiss*

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, Pumpkin Cake Roll

Jeni’s has done it again. This new seasonal treat from the Columbus ice cream giant starts with a swirled mixture of heirloom pumpkin ice cream and cream cheese frosting ice cream that also includes a unique fall spice blend and pieces of vanilla-spiced cake.

North High, Pumpkin Hands

We thought we’d give you something pumpkin-flavored to wash everything down with, too. This 7.5% ale is made using real roasted pumpkin and a healthy addition of fall spices. Bottoms up!

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