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Gallicchio’s Perfect Pies, a Monthly Review: Little Sicily’s Pizza

Gallicchio’s Perfect Pies, a Monthly Review: Little Sicily’s Pizza


Born and raised in Columbus, Mike Gallicchio is first and foremost an entrepreneur. You might be familiar with some of his work. He’s owner of the Columbus Food Truck Festival, Columbus Wine Festival, and Columbus Fiery Foods Festival, as well as a food truck fabrication company, Titan Trucks. His father (Pops) is the real pizza connoisseur of Columbus—He owned several Domino’s Pizza franchises. Once he was old enough, though, Gallicchio spent many a night makin’ pies and traveling from store to store proofing dough and slapping sauce. While he’s since eked out a living in a different part of Columbus’ cuisine scene, Gallicchio’s love for all things pizza has remained, and searching out perfect pies is something he’s passionate about. Every month, you can count on Gallicchio to share one of his favorite pizza places. Will it be one of your own favorites, or a new place to try?   


Little Sicily’s Pizza
Pizza for Breakfast rating: 3

Brice, Ohio, or at least that’s what we called it when we were kids. Growing up on the Eastside of Columbus, Brice was one our favorite haunts. There used to be a little creek that ran through Brice, and as kids we would fish all day, hunt turtles and frogs, and pretty much risk our lives on a daily basis swimming across that creek. A life without video games, oh how times have changed. Little did I know that Brice was also the home of one of the better pizza restaurants in all of Columbus, Little Sicily’s Pizza.

Little Sicily’s Pizza is located at 2965 Brice Rd., a little to the west of Pickerington and north of Groveport. Little Sicily’s is a family-owned restaurant that has been a part of the village of Brice (located on the east side of Columbus) since 1975. Little Sicily’s Pizza features a nice, large seating area for dine-in and of course a very robust carryout business. The menu is large and varied with great subs from what I hear and the kitchen space is open and those old-school decked ovens stand out for all to see.

Little Sicily’s Pizza has some great crust (Columbus Style, always crispy and hand crafted), but it’s the toppings that make this pizza so special. Loaded up (and I mean loaded), the toppings are stacked high, and the best thing about Little Sicily’s Pizza are the fresh veggies, crispness and crunch every time you bite into this pizza. 

My favorite Little Sicily’s Pizza is their Sausage, Onion, Green and Banana Pepper, and their Works Pizza is simply one of the best pizzas’ in Columbus.

Little Sicily’s Pizza has a loyal and large customer base so if you plan on ordering a pizza from this fantastic Pizza house, make sure you order way ahead and plan accordingly; weekends at Little Sicily’s Pizza are busy 🙂   

You can find Mike on Instagram @mikegallicchionow, on Twitter @MikeGNow, and on LinkedIn at Mike Gallicchio.


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