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Gallicchio’s perfect pies, a monthly review: The Pizza House

Gallicchio’s perfect pies, a monthly review: The Pizza House


Born and raised in Columbus, Mike Gallicchio is first and foremost an entrepreneur. You might be familiar with some of his work. He’s owner of the Columbus Food Truck Festival, Columbus Wine Festival, and Columbus Fiery Foods Festival, as well as a food truck fabrication company, Titan Trucks. His father (Pops) is the real pizza connoisseur of Columbus—He owned several Domino’s Pizza franchises. Once he was old enough, though, Gallicchio spent many a night makin’ pies and traveling from store to store proofing dough and slapping sauce. While he’s since eked out a living in a different part of Columbus’ cuisine scene, Gallicchio’s love for all things pizza has remained, and searching out perfect pies is something he’s passionate about. Every month, you can count on Gallicchio to share one of his favorite pizza places. Will it be one of your own favorites, or a new place to try? 


The Pizza House 

Pizza for breakfast rating: 4

We have some iconic hometown pizza places here in Columbus.

One of those icons is The Pizza House located up in the north end of Columbus, off Sinclair Road.

When you enter The Pizza House, your first impression is how exceptionally clean it is, white and gray walls, and the white and black checkered floor sparkles. The Pizza House has a decently sized dining room and its own separate carryout service window for the multitudes of carryout orders they do on a daily basis.

The pizza is fantastic.  It is Columbus style through-and-through, but the crust has a thickness to it which I personally like; it’s not so thin that it becomes too greasy. The sauce is good and their pizzas are always piled high with a mountain of toppings and cooked to perfection. My go to is the pepperoni, mushroom and banana pepper. Also, If you get the chance to try their Italian sausage, it’s ridiculously good.

The Pizza House opens for lunch daily and there’s good reason for that, their lunch business to say the least is robust. The menu is standard Italian fare with salads, pasta, a small wine selection, and the subs look delish!

The Pizza House has been open since 1961. To be in business that long and to be successful that long says a lot about your product. I don’t go to the Pizza House often, but when I do the pizza always looks and tastes the same. The same crispy crunch to the crust, the same amount of toppings. When I think Pizza House, I think consistency. Put The Pizza House on your Columbus pizza tour list and visit this iconic restaurant soon. 

You can find Mike on Instagram @mikegallicchionow, on Twitter @MikeGNow, and on LinkedIn at Mike Gallicchio.

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