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Grab authentic Mediterranean and European at this brand-new Columbus restaurant

Grab authentic Mediterranean and European at this brand-new Columbus restaurant

Jack McLaughlin

There’s a new aroma in the air in the city’s Uptown District. There’s a new Aroma on the ground in Uptown as well.

That’s because Aroma Restaurant, located at 72 E. Lynn St., held its grand opening earlier this week.

The restaurant officially held its grand opening on July 6, and according to owner Omar Kaddour, Columbus residents showed up in droves to check out the new eatery.

“Honestly, the opening went perfectly,” Kaddour said. “The only problem we had was that we might have had too many people actually come out.”


“Ever since I was a kid growing up in Algeria, I’ve loved cooking. This has been my dream to open my own restaurant,” said Kaddour. “That feeling when someone tries your food for the first time and you can see their face, see them enjoying it. That’s the best.”

Aroma, which is open daily from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m, is unique in serving up both Mediterranean and European cuisine. 

According to Kaddour, they feature entrees like Lamb with Blue Cheese and Spanakopita, but also Moroccan dishes like Chicken Brochettes (grilled chicken, tomatoes, and peppers on a skewer), and their own version of French classics like Pomme de Terre (ground beef, potatoes, peppers, and cheese cooked in espagnole sauce). 

If you’re feeling less adventurous, you can always grab an Aroma burger or Chicken Melt too. The restaurant also offers a variety of specialty cauliflower-crust pizzas, such as the Margherita, meat lovers, and Big Bird (chicken, garlic, caramelized onions, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, and mozzarella.)

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