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Grab that clue book for the case of the cross-Columbus scavenger hunt

Grab that clue book for the case of the cross-Columbus scavenger hunt

Jack McLaughlin

We love Nancy Drew just about as much as we love puns, and a new interactive event from the downtown-based Platform Beer Co. combines these both while benefiting local businesses.

So it’s no mystery that this cause is worth your time.

Between March 8 and March 13, Platform is launching Nancy Brew, an interactive scavenger hunt that begins on International Women’s Day and involves a host of women-owned businesses throughout Columbus.

“Basically, we’re part of the collective of craft breweries under Anheuser Busch, and we wanted to put something in place to get people involved and more in touch with local businesses,” said Platform’s Brand Director Mark Frabotta. “We decided to one-up ourselves and center everything around National Women’s Day this year too.”


And according to Frabotta, no shortage of Columbus women-owned businesses jumped on board. 

“We got an absolutely great return after we reached out; we’re really excited,” he said.

The event takes the form of a mixed in-person and virtual and scavenger hunt that brings participants to a host of different Columbus businesses while on the hunt for clues. To get involved, all you need is your official Nancy Brew Cluebook (provided by Platform), which guides gumshoes in the right direction.

The clue book provides hints about local business, listing what field they’re in, hours of operation, background information, and their rough distance from Platform. What it purposely leaves out, however, are the actual company names (although they can be found in the booklet’s answer section if you’re having a hard time). Amatuer sleuths can then do their best Nancy Drew impression to figure out the spots involved.

What’s more, each clue offers special deals that detectives can take advantage of at each business. 

Once you’ve cracked each case, you can either follow the business on Instagram and DM them, or visit in person to gain a stamp for that particular spot. If you’re able to figure out at least four of the total seven, you can cash in your stamped booklet at Platform’s Columbus taproom (408 N. 6th St.) to receive a custom Nancy Brew pint glass and a $5 gift card.

And if you’re chomping at the bit to break these cases wide open, you’re not alone. 

“People just jump on board immediately,” Frabotta said. “We weren’t sure how people were going to react, but there’s been so much support for it already.”

While the event’s formal sign-up is booked, anyone can still participate by obtaining their own digital copy of the clue book, which will be made available for download on Platforms website and social media accounts soon. While you’ll still be able to uncover each case and have a blast doing it (all while supporting local businesses), those who haven’t officially signed up won’t be able to claim a glass or gift card, due to their limited availability.

But, as any good sleuth knows, the reward lies in solving the mystery.


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