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Here’s the definitive guide to White Castle’s secret menu

Here’s the definitive guide to White Castle’s secret menu

Jack McLaughlin

In Columbus, we’re in the unique position to claim not just one, but two different fast food giants. While Wendy’s (operating out of Dublin) likely gets more attention, White Castle is headquartered in the Cbus, too. And it’s also delicious.

Time Magazine called their iconic Slider—considered by many to be the first fast-food hamburger ever—the most influential burger of all time.  But since most of us are likely already familiar with the classic White Castle Slider, why not look a little deeper?

From a trio of crazy milkshakes to Valentine’s Day specials, here’s our guide to White Castle’s secret menu.


Chicken Parm Slider

For this one, you’ll need a classic Slider plus one order each of chicken rings and mozzarella sticks. You can opt for this one with or without the original burger patty, but simply add both side dishes onto your bun (with a drizzle of marinara sauce on top), and you’re in fast-food Italy.

“Super” Loaded Fries

While White Castle added loaded fries to its full-time menu nearly 10 years ago (they were previously a secret menu item), there’s still a lot you can do to make this indulgent dish even better. Ask for the addition of diced tomato, plus an order of fried onion chips with a side of BBQ sauce. Combine all of these together, and you’ve officially upgraded your fries to super loaded.

Milkshake Variations

The Neapolitan: White Castle offers milkshakes in three different flavors, and this one takes advantage of each. Ask for a milkshake with equal parts chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.

The Black and White: Same thing as the Neapolitan here, only without any strawberry ice cream.

Chocolate Bacon: Last (and absolutely, positively not least), the chocolate bacon milkshake hits salty, savory, and sweet notes all at once. White Castle will let you purchase bacon bits as an add-on for a small fee, meaning all you have to do is dump them into your milkshake and stir.

The Cowboy Slider

This order starts as a chicken Slider with jalapeño cheese. But it doesn’t end there, partner. The additions of several (highly underrated) White Castle onion rings and a slather of BBQ sauce on top make this modified Slider officially rodeo-worthy.

Valentine’s Day Special

We may never be able to tell you whether or not the couples flocking to White Castle on Valentine’s Day (seriously, it’s a thing) is mostly ironic, but hey, a night out is a night out. Every year on Feb. 14, the burger chain offers a meal for two including a pair of drinks, 10 sliders, and fries. Many locations even deck out their restaurant with hearts and other decorations, with some even taking reservations.

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