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International cafe franchises coming to Columbus

International cafe franchises coming to Columbus

Jack McLaughlin

Paris Baguette boasts over 4,000 different cafes around the world, and soon enough a handful of locations for the popular French-inspired eatery will be right here in Columbus.

We’ll say “oui, oui” to that.

“We love the idea of bringing Paris Cafe to the greater Columbus area,” said Mark Mele, Chief Development Officer of Paris Baguette. “The timeline, really, starts now.”


Paris Baguette, as its name implies, is built around breads, croissants, cakes, and specialty pastries such as tarts and croquettes that are baked fresh daily. They also offer lunch options, including sandwiches and salads, coffee, and catering. The eatery has been open, according to Mele, for over 70 years.

The company will likely base their local operations out of a larger corporate cafe and training facility, while expanding throughout the area by franchising. According to a statement from the company, this could result in as many as 20 different Paris Baguette locations throughout Central Ohio over the next few years. 

Currently, the cafe (which is also moving into the Cincinnati area) has narrowed down location options for their first Columbus space to a handful of sites, meaning it shouldn’t be long before local foodies can enjoy it themselves. “If everything goes right and we get lucky, we could be looking at opening in Columbus by the end of the year,” said Mele.

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