New Hungarian butcher shop coming to Columbus this fall

Jack McLaughlin

Longtime Columbus chef Dan Varga is putting down his white coat and picking up a cleaver. 

This October, he’ll be opening The Hungarian Butcher—located at 2177 W. Dublin-Granville Rd.—a specialty butcher shop that will blend old world traditions with new recipes and techniques, representing the best of both worlds. It will also place a focus on local and sustainably-sourced meats.


“During Covid last year I was in a place where I had a lot of time on my hands. I got together with a group of guys and decided that now was the right time for a butcher shop,” Varga said. “People are cooking more at home and eating out less, plus, this has always been a dream of mine.”

The chef—who has worked for local restaurants like The Refectory, Tucci’s, and Ray Ray’s Hog Pit—plans to draw on many of the techniques he learned from his grandmother, a first-generation immigrant.

“You’ll see a rotating selection of cured meats like Szalonna, Kolbasz, Sonka, Lonza, and all kinds of paprika-spiked sausages, salamis, bacon, head cheese, hams, and more,” a press release from the new butcher shop reads. “If you’re really lucky, on the day you visit, Chef Dan will have Anya’s Cabbage Rolls in the case.”

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