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Production facility for Grandview butcher shop set to open soon

Production facility for Grandview butcher shop set to open soon

Jack McLaughlin

Little by little, Tony Tanner is building up his corner in the Columbus cuisine scene. There’s The Butcher & Grocer and Cleaver, Grandview fixtures that will also be opening in Shawnee Hills later this year

And now, likely by next month, Tanner is opening a brand-new wholesale facility on the east side of Columbus.

TB&G Meats, located at 649 N. James Rd., is set to provide quality cuts of meat to Ohio restaurants in the near future. The new location will serve as a production space for TB&G Meats, the wholesale arm of The Butcher & Grocer.


According to Tanner, the latter will take over producing wholesale products made at The Butcher & Grocer, as sales are primed to increase in the near future. Plus, he said, The Butcher & Grocer was already pressed for space.

And their new facility has plenty of that, at 4,000 square feet.

“Basically, we’re producing everything for Cleaver and our wholesale customers out of the butcher shop right now, but with this new space we’ll be able to increase what we produce while becoming more efficient,” said TB&G Meats President Dustin Butler. “We’ll be making all the same cuts we did at the butcher shop, plus more. That includes Bologna, Mortadella, snack sticks, and jerky.”

While these new products will first be available in The Butcher & Grocer, Butler says the company will also begin shopping them to other retail spaces, meaning they could start popping up in local stores soon. 

In addition to more space, the new James Road facility will also help TB&G Meats streamline their production processes. It will feature new machinery like a brine injector machine, that will allow them to brine as many products in a day as they are able to do in a week through hand-injecting.

The cornerstone of these additions, though, is likely the company’s new indoor smoker, which will help in the production of all their smoked meats, including ham and bacon. These products are only available to retail customers through The Butcher & Grocer, but Butler and Tanner plan to make them available at the wholesale level as well.

“What we’ve been using at The Butcher & Grocer is an outdoor propane boost smoker. While it’s done us well, it’s also not the most efficient,” Butler said.

TB&G Meats is in the process of tuning up their new equipment, and production could begin as soon as early April.

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