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One of the best new fried chicken sandwiches in Columbus is named after Sharon Stone

One of the best new fried chicken sandwiches in Columbus is named after Sharon Stone

Jack McLaughlin

You probably know the prominent actress Sharon Stone from popular movies like “Basic Instinct” and “Casino”.

This summer, she’s coming to a Columbus restaurant near you.

Well, not actually. But the popular fried chicken spot Fried Chicka Bang has put out a delicious new sandwich, and it’s named after her.


The Sharon Stone, which was released by Fried Chicka Bang at the beginning of July as a limited monthly special, features fried chicken topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, barbeque sauce, and fried pickled red onion straws.

According to Fried Chicka Bang co-owner Maria Swallie, it’s this final ingredient that really brings the sandwich together. 

“The fried onions are a revelation. We plan on playing around with them more. You can’t help snacking on them,” she said.

The Sharon Stone beat out Mean Streets (fried chicken with mozzarella cheese, roasted red pepper, and creamy pesto) in a fan vote to become this month’s featured sandwich.

So what does a chicken sandwich have to do with the A-lister with numerous blockbuster hits to her name?

We’re glad you asked. According to Swallie, it comes from Stone’s role as Ellen in a popular 1995 Western flick. “Our name comes from”The Quick and the Dead,” one of the greatest Westerns of the mid-90s, featuring the incomparable Sharon Stone,” Swallie said. “She is the ultimate 90s badass chick.”

As Fried Chicka Bang is a 90s-themed eatery (they give away free Warheads with every order), the new sandwich makes perfect sense as an addition. 

And while Sharon Stone herself has been a fixture for decades, her namesake sandwich will only be around through July, so grab one while you can.

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