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Popular BBQ spot reopens after hiatus, but issues still abound

Popular BBQ spot reopens after hiatus, but issues still abound

Jack McLaughlin

After a nearly week-long closure, The Pitt BBQ Grille, officially reopened at 1542 Parsons Ave. yesterday. Both of its other locations, one in Clintonville and the other in North Market Bridge Park, have remained open.

According to co-owner D’andre Martin, while he’s happy The Pitt is open for business once again, he believes that’s several issues still plague the eateries.

“It’s been a little tough for us with employees and food costs out the roof,” Martin said. “[We’ll] need more support from the community for both Parsons and Clintonville locations.”


Martin said a range of meat-related issues have affected The Pitt for nearly six months. This includes shortages of certain items, as well as prohibitively-high prices for ribs specifically, one of their signature offerings. Martin said until now, the restaurant has opted to scale back instead of upping their menu prices, but they’re considering all options at this point.

 “We hate to raise our prices, but the meat prices are insane,” he said.

In recent months, extended closures have become more common among Columbus eateries, and many of these have been due to staffing issues. Before shuttering for good, the Grandview eatery Sweet Carrot announced a month-long closure in late September. This week, Tupelo Doughnuts opted to close until December. Additionally Luck Bros’ Coffee House, also in Grandview, announced an indefinite hiatus last month, as did The Silo, the new pizza and bar concept from the owners of Harvest Pizzeria.

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