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The Cookie Man Cometh: Sweet Nibs Homemade Cookies hits Columbus

The Cookie Man Cometh: Sweet Nibs Homemade Cookies hits Columbus

Jack McLaughlin

Years before he started Sweet Nibs—the newest made-to-order cookie delivery service in the city—Eric was known around the Columbus State campus area as “Cookie Man”.

When Eric (who chooses to go only by his first name for the sake of “mystery and anonymity”) was a student at CSU in the early 2000s, he would regularly bake his own fine-tuned version of chocolate chip cookies for friends and family alike, and nobody could ever get enough.

Always something of an entrepreneur, he decided to bring his baked goods (and an oversized catering tray) along with him, regularly selling cookies to campus-area businesses and office parks, where he received his nickname.

“I made a business out of it,” Eric said, “I even drew a cookie logo out that I would carry around with me and everything.”


After graduating and establishing his own professional career in a different field, the Cookie Man has now returned to Columbus under a different name: Sweet Nibs Homemade Cookies. 

“I would still bake all the time for people; it’s still therapeutic to me,” Eric said. “So when my wife and I were thinking of ways to make some extra money, we thought ‘let’s try the cookies.’”

Sweet Nibs officially launched in early 2021 as a delivery-only ghost kitchen. Featuring sleek red and silver mylar packaging, their cookies are offered in three different styles: classic Chocolate Chip, Pecan Chip, and the unique Sunny Chip variant, which features sunflower seeds alongside chocolate chips. Not only do Sunny Chip cookies offer the sought-after combination of salty and sweet flavors, they’re also something that even people with nut allergies can enjoy.

Modeled after the classic Famous Amos cookie (before founder Wally Amos began to sell his business), Sweet Nibs offers cookies that are smaller in size, but still packed with flavor. 

“I’m a bit of a psychology buff, so that’s where the size comes in. When the cookies are smaller, you can eat a few and get the impression that you’re not overloading on sweets,” Eric said. “But don’t get me wrong, they’re still dangerous.”

While the new Columbus ghost kitchen has a website that’s still under construction, don’t worry. You can still place your order for Sweet Nibs cookies by direct messaging them on Instagram or sending an email to [email protected].

With options for local delivery as well as cross-country shipping (they already have customers in New Jersey, according to Eric), Sweet Nibs offers a sample pack, which features a 12-count bag of all three cookie varieties, as well as larger bags of 25, for those of us who already know what we want.

 And before you order, one quick bit of advice: Stock up. You might end up blowing through your supply a whole lot faster than you anticipated.

“I swear, they’re like Pringles,” Eric said. “You really can’t stop eating them.”


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