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The Weekender: Three must-try eats at Budd Dairy Food Hall

The Weekender: Three must-try eats at Budd Dairy Food Hall

Alyson Strickler-Vazquez

Budd Dairy Food Hall has cultivated a diverse and eclectic community of chef partners who share their stories through food. The vibe is upbeat and contagious, creating the perfect spot to grab a bite with friends and dine outside on the rooftop patio. If you want a little bit of everything, go for it!


Modern Southern Table has all the heart and soul you find in southern cooking. Meeting owner Sadaya “Daisy” Lewis was the highlight of my trip. A self-taught cook, Daisy bewitched me with her passion when recounting growing up in her family-filled kitchen in Alabama. This one-hundred-percent-from-scratch kitchen beautifully blends her grandmother’s recipes with a few modern touches. MST’s must-have Mississippi Catfish was inspired from childhood trips to Jackson, Mississippi, and is perfectly paired with comeback sauce, elevating this dish with its tangy citrus notes. The light cornmeal breading was heavily seasoned (lending itself to the mild white fish) and was paired with slow-cooked, ham-infused greens and crumbly southern cornbread that transported me to Mississippi.

Tacos Rudos’ kitchen exudes family, tradition, and culture. Rudos’ name and logo are inspired by the family’s uncle, The Wild Antelope, an anti-hero 80s wrestler in Mexico. Excitement reverberates throughout the kitchen as they share their heritage through these from-scratch plates. Rudos should be famous for its playful quesadilla. Griddling cheese directly on the flattop, they brilliantly create a golden crispy cheese disc that is stuffed inside a house-made corn tortilla and topped with pico, shaved cabbage, and spicy serrano pepper crema. The freshly-pressed corn tortilla was incredible and frankly changed my life.  

Cluck Norris may be known for their chicken, but my must-try is their Pig Tenderloin. It felt like I was at the county fair carrying around this massive fried indulgence. Cluck pounds out their gigantic pork tenderloin and dredges it in multiple layers of seasoned flour and Miller Lite beer batter embracing carbonation to create a crispy, crunchy exterior. This behemoth has all the traditional fixings – lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles, and creamy mayo all sitting on a bun that only covers 1/3 of its circumference.

After you finish chowing down on these must-trys, finish your feast with a frozen chocolate-covered banana from the Cream & Sugar cart. Don’t worry, if you’re too stuffed to make it through all of these delicious dishes—you can always come back next weekend!

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