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This new Columbus fried chicken sandwich wants to help free Britney Spears

This new Columbus fried chicken sandwich wants to help free Britney Spears

Jack McLaughlin


It isn’t just a popular hashtag making the rounds on social media anymore. It’s also a sandwich. And it’s a really good one at that.

Just one of several brand-new menu items introduced today by the wildly popular Fried Chicka Bang, the sandwich includes fried chicken coated in a Louisiana spice blend (after Britney’s Louisiana roots), lettuce, tomato, and their house-made Fancy Sauce.


The sandwich is on brand with the eatery’s upbeat, 90’s-themed playfulness. “You can’t say you love the 90’s and not support Britney Spears,” Fried Chicka Bang said in a statement announcing their new menu, which is available starting today.

And the “Toxic” singer isn’t the only celeb getting a namesake sandwich on the new menu, either. 

They’re also giving props to everyone’s favorite neon-colored nail kits with the Lisa Frank. This crispy fried chicken sandwich is topped with multi-colored slaw, mayo, and the eatery’s top-secret “magic unicorn sprinkles”.

Photo courtesy Fried Chicka Bang

Fried Chicka Bang is making a former seasonal special, the Sharon Stone, a full-time menu item as well. This sandwich, which according to co-owner Maria Swallie became a top-seller during its limited run in July, features sweet BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, bacon, and homemade crispy pickled onions on top of fried chicken.

Photo courtesy Fried Chicka Bang

Rounding out the eatery’s new offerings is a platter called The Tailgater. It combines a double portion of boneless wings (with your choice of sauce) with a large order of loaded waffle fries, which are topped with cheese, bacon, and jalapeño slices.

Photo courtesy Fried Chicka Bang

Currently, only the eatery’s Polaris pop-up is open. It’s located at 8461 Sancus Blvd., inside of Sunny Street Cafe. The store’s hours are 4-8:30 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday. Their Arena District location will be re-opening this fall.

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