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This new grocery store will have a bar and Crimson Cup

This new grocery store will have a bar and Crimson Cup

Sarah Sole

Later this month, you’ll be able to find much more than just groceries at La Plaza Tapatia. 

The Hispanic grocery store is set to open March 24 at 255 Georgesville Rd., according to Vince Fasone, food safety and food service consultant with FAMAVI Food Safety, which will be the acting food safety manager for the new store. 

Fasone said the goal is to provide a new level of customer experience. 

“We want [customers] to feel confident that they will find an expansive selection of products that are fresh and budget friendly bundled with excellent customer service and an overall enjoyable atmosphere,” Fasone said. 


The grocery store will offer a large selection of freshly prepared Hispanic food. 

The store will also include a full-service bar, as well as a bakery with baked-from-scratch Mexican and Hispanic baked goods, Fasone said. Ice cream and paletas will be made in-house using authentic Mexican recipes and traditions. A candy store will feature imported candy from various countries in Latin America. Crimson Cup Cafe will also be located inside. 

“Customers enjoy these options, as we have seen in other groceries located in Ohio, the U.S., and other countries,” Fasone said. “The younger generation has also expressed interest in having these options available to them to help provide an overall excellent customer experience.”


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