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What’s on Our Plate

What’s on Our Plate

Jack McLaughlin

If you’re anything like me lately—that is, hungry all the time—you’re going to appreciate what we have in store.

Since we always have our eyes on what’s new in the bustling Columbus food scene, we want to share a list of some of our favorite new dishes that have hit Cbus menus recently. While it’s not an exclusive list of everything new and delicious to drop in the last few weeks, it sure is a great place to start. Dig in.


Hot Chicken, Sweet Carrot

The fried chicken from Sweet Carrot, known for its barbeque and comfort food, has always been a star on their menu. Now, the Grandview eatery has turned up the heat on one of its favorite dishes. And the best part? You can get this hot chicken how you want it, be it as its own meal, or even as a topping on another menu item.

Brunch Poutine, Wolf’s Ridge

Poutine for brunch? Poutine for brunch. Wolf’s Ridge is known as a brewery first, but their food is absolutely top-notch as well. This latest mouth-watering menu addition brings their brunch poutine back to the table, which combines fried Black Radish Creamery cheese curds, sausage gravy, and sunny side eggs atop a fresh batch of garlic fries.

Prawns, Martini Modern Italian 

In case you were in the mood to elevate a touch, keep your eyes on this Cameron Mitchell spot. This new dish—a part of chef John Paul Lacobucci’s multiple-course wine dinners—features prawns with ricotta gnocchetti (a smaller version of the beloved gnocchi), tomato basil, and a butter sauce crafted using nduja, a type of spicy, spreadable, Spanish pork sauce.

Veggie Burger, Zaftig (Italian Village)

Even if you do eat meat, this mouth-watering new vegetarian option from Zafti’s Italian Village brewpub should still find its way onto your plate sometime soon. The sandwich starts with a crispy falafel patty and adds marinated tomato plus tahini aioli, all served on a rich challah bun. You can also make this meal vegan by opting for no aioli. 

Hamachi, Fusian

If it’s a sushi fix you’re after, look no further than this new dish served at either of the two Fusion locations in the greater Columbus area. Hamachi is another name for the Japanese Amberjack (also called Yellowtail), a popular fish in nigiri sushi due to its firm flesh and almost buttery taste. Another plus? It’s absolutely packed with omega-3 acids.

Fried Chicken Sandwich, 101 Beer Kitchen

New to the spring menu for 101 Beer Kitchen—which, lucky for you, boasts three different restaurants in Dublin, Gahanna, and Westerville—includes a fried bird sandwich that’s out of this world. Featuring a sizable piece of crispy-fried chicken on a brioche bun, it’s topped with indulgent pimento cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, dijon mustard, and mayo.

Gluten Free Rainbow Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie, Angie’s Rainbow Cookies

Because their already-delicious gluten free cookie wasn’t enough, Angie’s decided to go off the rails with this one. And we mean that in the best possible way. This new dessert from the wildly popular home bakery sees the gluten-free variety of Angie’s iconic red, white, and green cake-based cookie quite literally stuffed inside a gluten free chocolate chip cookie.

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