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What’s on Our Plate

What’s on Our Plate

Jack McLaughlin

It’s officially spring, Columbus. We made it. Now that COVID restrictions are slowly but surely dissipating and the weather is allowing for more and more outdoor activity, you’ve got options. Really good ones. And while it’s impossible to gather up all the great new local dishes we’ve seen recently into one place, we’ve curated a list that’s a pretty good place to start. From fried chicken and donut sandwiches to (deliciously) off the wall pizza and a pair of choice desserts, here’s what’s on our plate. 


Cluck Norris, Angry Bird 

We’ve been waiting for this one. Now that Cluck Norris has finally opened its doors at the brand-new Budd Dairy Food Hall, we can finally dig into the new comfort food that we know you’ve been eyeing for a minute now. The Angry Bird highlights the eatery’s top secret, spice-crusted chicken breast on a bun with pickles and spicy ranch.

Crunchwerks, The Brunch Crunch (available during brunch only)

Crunchwerks began serving up gourmet versions of everyone’s favorite fast food Tex-Mex item late last year to great acclaim. Now, their iconic Crunches meet the best meal of the day in their new Brunch Crunch, which features bacon, scrambled eggs, tater tots, corn salsa, pico, Tapitio, and avocado ranch, all wrapped in a grilled tortilla and served with house white queso.

Mikey’s Late Night Slice, Mac & Cheezus

Ok, we know. This one isn’t technically new, but Mac & Cheezus is basically a Columbus institution at this point, and it’s only ever around in short stints. Starting this week, Mikey’s released the original version of their cult classic mac & cheese pizza, and you should grab some while you can, since it won’t last long.

Hot Chicken Takeover, Donut Chicken Sandwiches

Donut fried chicken sandwich. Do we even need to keep going? This collaboration is actually three different sandwiches served on three different donuts, from Buckeye Donuts, Tupelo Doughnuts, and Brewnuts (although this last option is only available at their Crocker Park location in the Cleveland area). With each sweet and savory sandwich bringing a different flavor profile, you’ll probably want to try them all.

Small Cakes Columbus, Sugar Cookie Cupcake

I’ll be honest with you here. The body of a cupcake is usually lacking a little something for me. But luckily Small Cakes Columbus may have found the solution. These rich treats—which just went on sale yesterday—start with a sugar cookie cake that’s topped off with buttery cream cheese frosting and colorful springtime sprinkles.


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