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Why online training is so hot right now

Why online training is so hot right now

Sarah Sole

We have the pandemic to thank for the recent popularity of online training. The fitness trend earned top place in ACSM Health & Fitness Journal’s annual survey of popular exercises worldwide, thanks to gym closures everywhere. 

And though many gyms have since reopened, online training continues to have staying power. 

Melanie Ash, owner of Fitness Evolution Studio, said she plans to keep offering virtual options to studio members to provide them with more ways to get in their exercise. 

“A year and a half ago, I would have never thought I’d be doing this,” she said. 


But on March 15 of last year, Fitness Evolution Studio was forced to embrace online training when it closed in response to Ohio’s state-mandated shutdown. That night, Ash hopped onto Google Meet to teach her classes live online. It was something she’d continue doing for 10 weeks. 

The experience was great for her clients, Ash said, because it was live instead of pre-recorded. 

And while Fitness Evolution Studio isn’t holding their virtual-only classes any longer, Ash said that’s just because her clients have been more interested in coming back to the studio. 

Still, she said she plans on continuing to offer her clients the option to attend in-person classes virtually. Studio members also have the option to access 30- to 40-minute pre-recorded instructional videos online. 

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