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April 2021

April 2021

Sarah Sole

Spring can sometimes bring with it a certain anxiety. 

With snow barely melted, big box retailers start trotting out tiny swimsuits and IG influencers talk about the next big thing to get “bikini ready”. Meanwhile, we’re still in our quarantine sweatpants. 

While our spring issue focuses on exercise trends, the goal is to feel healthy, rather than place body image expectations on ourselves. The overarching theme is celebrating what your body can do: From taking barefoot walks with grass between your toes, to carrying bags of groceries, to eating a two-scoop ice cream cone, our bodies are pretty miraculous things. 


And while you may not subscribe to each fitness trend found in our pages, we hope you’ll find one or two that get you moving and clear your head. 

Speaking of getting active, this issue also features axe throwing, as well as how skateboarding is helping families connect across generations. 

And in the spirit of Earth Day, we’ve highlighted a handful of Columbus businesses that are veritable green machines. 

Spring is a time of rebirth and refreshment, and we hope you get out and active and drink in that sunshine. 

You deserve it, Columbus. 


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