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International bubble tea chain opening Dublin location

International bubble tea chain opening Dublin location

Jack McLaughlin

It’s boba time, Dublin.

Taiwan-based bubble tea vendor ShareTea is opening its first-ever storefront in Ohio. Located at 2752 Festival Lane in Dublin (within the Festival Centre complex), the popular spot for bubble tea is set to open soon. 

ShareTea, which first opened in Taiwan in 1992, has locations in 23 U.S. states and nearly a dozen different countries

While ShareTea was expected to open as early as July of this year, delays have arisen due to availability issues for many important construction materials shipping from its Taiwan headquarters. According to ShareTea, these delays are due to COVID-19.

When the spot does open, customers can expect to customize their ideal bubble tea from a wide range of menu options. 

This includes boba-less green, black, and oolong teas, plus coffee. Patrons can add “pearls”, or boba (tapioca balls that add texture an element of whimsy, in case you didn’t know) to regular, milk-based, or fruit teas, and many options can be served either hot or cold. There’s even an option to add ice cream and “ice”—a texture similar to a frozen slushy—to your tea.

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