From a long-lost amusement park to an airship-wrecking riot, the December issue of (614) Magazine spills the city’s best-kept secrets

Jack McLaughlin

If you think you know everything about Columbus, think again.

Ohio’s Capital City is brimming with weird and wonderful stories from the past, shared by local historian and author John M. Clark. This includes the time Columbus was home to a world-class amusement park, boasting on of the very first loop-the-loop roller coasters in the country, or when a 15 year-old Judy Garland was honorably inducted into an OSU frat.

These stories and more populate the pages of the December issue of (614) Magazine, alongside a smokey look inside the city’s first live-fire restaurant, a feature on a popular clothing company that’s repping the Arch City on a national scale, a collection of fresh and fun winter activities throughout the greater Columbus area, plus much more.

You can read the issue for free here, or grab a physical copy when you’re out and about.

Want to read more? Check out our print publication, (614) Magazine. Learn where you can find a free copy of our new November issue here!


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