This Columbus cheesecake incorporates an entire layer of Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes; Here’s where to find it

Jack McLaughlin

If you think Little Debbie’s iconic seasonal Christmas Tree Cakes can’t get any better, you have yet to try them in cheesecake form.

And now you have a chance to do so, because The Cheesecake Girl is bringing back its hugely popular Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cheesecake.

According to Cheesecake Girl owner Samantha Strange, the seasonal treat will be available at all three Cheesecake Girl locations throughout end of the month “or until we can’t find [Little Debbie Christmas Trees] anymore.”


Strange said the speciality cheesecakes were offered in limited quantities last year due to availability issues with the Little Debbie snacks. This year, however, the popular dessert spot has stocked up, and will be better prepared to meet demand.

The holiday-themed cheesecakes start with a shortbread crust and their original cheesecake filling. Each cake includes a middle layer made entirely of Little Debbie Christmas Trees, and is topped with buttercream frosting.

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