Find out which nearby Ohio village was named one of the country’s top “Hippie Hideaways”

Jack McLaughlin

A recently-published story from Travel.a profiled 25 of America’s “Hippie Hideouts”, and one small Ohio village made the cut.

The website named Yellow Springs, Ohio as a location where the hippie subculture is most alive and well today.

The story named 25 different municities, including legendary counterculture hubs like Moab, Utah and Cassadaga, Florida. And while the entries weren’t ranked, had more than a few good things to say about Yellow Springs.


“Hippies in America’s heartland? You better believe it! Yellow Springs, Ohio predates hippies by more than a century; however, it’s been a ‘peace, love, and happiness’ sort of place since the beginning. Founded in 1825, Yellow Springs began as a town of 100 families looking to create a utopian community like they had witnessed in other states,” the story reads.

It also mentions Antioch College, widely regarded as one of the Midwestern cornerstones of the counterculture movement.

If you’re planning on visiting Yellow Springs, make sure to check out the culinary guide to the village we published in the Summer 2022 edition of Stock & Barrel.

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