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Restaurant and speakeasy launching new Sunday drag parties

Restaurant and speakeasy launching new Sunday drag parties

Sarah Sole

Who says the party has to end on Saturday night? 

Starting next month, Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce Cafe and Speakeasy is launching its newest entertainment venture, Kiss Kiss a Go-Go, a Sunday afternoon celebration featuring drag queens, dancing, and go-go boys. 

The festivities will kick off at 1 p.m. on May 15 at Forty Deuce, 3959 Brighton Rose Square, and all proceeds from opening day ticket sales will be given to the Stonewall Community Foundation.


For owner Ivan Kane, the new venture was an opportunity to pay homage to the old afternoon tea dances popular in the late 60s and 70s: Members of the gay community of his native New York would flock to Fire Island for partying and dancing—all done in the afternoon, to ensure revelers could still catch the last ferry back to the main land. 

“It was always the best party,” Kane said. 

Channeling the spirit of those old outings, Kiss Kiss a Go-Go will feature DJs playing disco, as well as top 40, house, and hip hop hits. Kane partnered with local drag queen Blonde Vanity to secure a lineup of drag queens and go-boys to round out the entertainment. Five drag queens will perform throughout the afternoon, and go-go boys will dance on Forty Deuce’s immersive platforms during the duration of the party. 

“I’m incredibly excited about it,” Kane said.

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