This Ohio city is home to one of the largest annual crow migrations in the world, and there’s a festival to celebrate it

Jack McLaughlin

Believe it or not, every year, Mansfield, Ohio is the site of one of the world’s largest crow migrations.

It’s unclear exactly why this happens, but the fact remains that the city receives a massive influx of the dark-feathered birds every fall.

And to celebrate their arrival, the Mansfield Arts Center will be holding a festival for the first time ever to celebrate their arrival. The event will technically take place from Oct. 22 until Nov. 6. at the Center, but Oct. 29 will be the primary day of festivities.


The 2022 Crow Festival will feature a wide variety of crow-related art throughout the week, with other fall festivities, a display of glass pumpkins, poetry readings and jack-o-lanterns for the children set to take place on Oct. 29

“We’ve had this annual crow migration for as long as the arts center has been here, since it was built in 1971,” said Marketing & Development Director Jennifer Beavis. “The crows arrive all over Mansfield, but we have eight acres of woods, so they hang out and the sound is deafening.”

And if you’re interested in witnessing the crow migration first-hand, you’re in luck. According to the Mansfield Art Center, the festival grounds are home to thousands of migratory birds every year.

You can check out a video here of last year’s avian visitors.

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