A “break room” is opening in Columbus

Jack McLaughlin

It’s time you took a break.

Except, not that kind of break. It’s time you took a baseball bat and start breaking everything in sight. We hear it’s great for stress.

And while you shouldn’t actually go do this anywhere you please, a venue specifically designed for participants to unleash their pent-up anger is coming to Columbus.


Break Room-Smash Stuff Up!, an event from Hidden Columbus, is coming to the city later this year. According to a Hidden representative, the event is still in its “launching phase,” meaning we don’t know exactly when Break Room will be here, although it is slated for this year.

The location of the event has not been announced yet either.

According to Hidden’s website, Break Room will cost $35 for a 10 minute smashing session. Each session includes one medium-strength item to smash, five fragile items, one water bottle, safety gear and, of course, access to an array of smashing weapons.

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