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Mobile saunas and meditation societies highlight our list of unique Columbus-area businesses

Mobile saunas and meditation societies highlight our list of unique Columbus-area businesses

Jack McLaughlin

Columbus may be a Midwestern town, but that doesn’t make it ordinary. The City is full of fascinating people and totally original businesses, and we’re about to take a closer look at some of the more unique retail spots available. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it sure is a fun place to start.

High Heat Mobile Sauna

While a sauna is possibly one of the last things we thought would go mobile, it has, and Columbus loves it. The unique business is owned and operated by a former Columbus firefighter who’s also a massive sauna enthusiast.

The Magical Druid

Now something of a neighborhood icon in Clintonville, the Magical Druid offers everything from tarot cards to candles and crystals. The long-standing High Street space sells what you need to practice Wicca, hold a spiritual ritual and much more.

Enso Meditation Society

More than just a yoga venue, this new Clintonville spot operates as a peer-led meditation and breathwork space, offering an entire community of knowledge and tips to meditators of any age.


Trap History Museum

This one is technically a museum, but it is most definitely still unique. With over 4,000 traps that range immensely in size and age–including a 40 foot tall trap sculpture–this is definitely one of the area’s hidden gems if you’re after unique.

Hydration Therapy

This refers to not one, but a handful of similar services that have popped up in recent years. These therapies feature a hydration IV, a process that usually takes about an hour, and is definitely original. Peak hydration is a nice plus too.

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