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After trademark dispute, Columbus food truck changes name, rebrands

After trademark dispute, Columbus food truck changes name, rebrands

Jack McLaughlin

The food truck formerly known as The Wicked Lobstah is rolling out a new name, and a new look to go with it.

Starting July 1, the popular spot for lobster rolls and more will operate under the name The Naughty Lobster, short for The Nautical Lobster.

According to co-owner Glynis Armentrout, who operates the concept alongside her husband, Tyler Armentrout, the truck filed a trademark on The Wicked Lobstah in May of 2021 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. And then earlier this year, the eatery learned there were several obstacles standing between them and a trademark on the name.


“In February, [the USPTO] determined that we had two other companies that we needed to personally address to essentially get their “blessing” on our trademark,” Glynis Armentrout said. “One was willing to work with us, the other, a restaurant company out of Cali, sent a cease and desist in March, and was absolutely not willing to work with us to coexist, despite our efforts.”

So in lieu of wading through an expensive federal lawsuit, the Columbus food truck decided to take the simpler route.

“We knew our customers would support us, regardless of our name, and moved forward with starting the change,” Armentrout said. “While we truly believe we would win, it would be a very long, drawn-out process.”

And as for the rebrand, Armentrout said that was the easy part. Friends of the business, artists Casper, Mr. Zacros, Sage and SPK repainted the truck in roughly 10 hours. After swapping in new stickers, business cards and a few social media updates, the rebranding process is for the most part complete.

“It’s a lot, and will be confusing for a bit, but we’re doing our damnedest to keep our customers in the loop,” Glynis Armentrout said.

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