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Authentic Moroccan eatery opens downtown

Authentic Moroccan eatery opens downtown

Jack McLaughlin

A taste of west Africa has arrived in the heart of downtown Columbus.

That’s because Toraya Moroccan Cuisine opened its doors for business last week. The eatery is located at 72 E. Lynn St., the former home of Aroma Restaurant.

Toroya Moroccan Cuisine, which is billed as “the first authentic Moroccan restaurant in downtown Columbus,” offers a wide range of Moroccan staples, including couscous, pastilla, tajine and more.


Tajine refers to both a dish and a style of north African pot with an iconic, conical lid. Tajine is not only featured in the new eatery’s logo, many of the restaurant’s menu items are served in one to create an even more authentically Moroccan experience.

And while Toraya serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, it isn’t just food the new spot offers. Moroccan mint tea, served in ornate Moroccan teapot, is also available.

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