Beloved Downtown cocktail bar offering “Spanish Supper Club” menu with star Columbus chef

Jack McLaughlin

For one month only, the venerable Veritas in downtown Columbus will transform into a Spanish supper club, with standout Columbus chef Josh Dalton behind the wheel.

From Sept. 9 until Oct. 6, Veritas—which is located at 11 W. Gay St.—will feature a variety of Spanish fare inspired by Dalton’s travel to the region.

The menu has not been entirely determined yet, but according to Mitch Coale, Administrative Assistant to Dalton, it will be inspired largely by the chef’s travels to coastal Spain.


“Fundamentally, Josh believes that in order to properly highlight a region, he needs to travel and immerse himself in the food scene before replicating it here,” Coale said.

To that end, the  new menu will also lean into elements of Spenish culture and cooking techniques as well. “We plan to integrate traditional and modern techniques that are utilized throughout Spain. Some plans include grilling over wood fired coals to more modernist techniques that were pioneered in Spain,” Coale said.

The supper club will not require special resverations to attend. The event will be a longer experience than Veritas’ regular fasting menu, and as it will be prefixed, it won’t be able to accommodate guests based on dietary restrictions.

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