Block’s Bagels’ Broad Street, North Market restaurants become Fox’s Bagel & Deli locations

Jack McLaughlin

Without warning, Block’s Broad Street storefront and its North Market vendor stall have both become Fox’s Bagel & Deli locations.

Jeremy Fox, managing partner of Fox’s Bagel & Deli, licensed the Block’s Bagels name and opened Block’s Broad Street and North Market locations in 2017 and 2020. He told 614Now his eventual goal was to purchase Block’s outright, but after believing this wouldn’t come to fruition, has recently decided to pivot.

As of Monday, the Block’s name has been dropped and replaced with Fox’s Bagels & Deli.


Fox’s Bagel & Deli officially replaced the two Block’s storefronts this week. Block’s remaining location at 6115 McNaughten Rd. will continue to operate as Block’s Bagels.

According to Fox, as a concept, Fox’s Bagel & Deli will operate much like the former Block’s locations did, offering bagels and a deli counter with a variety of breakfast and lunch sandwiches. Both Fox’s locations will no longer use Block’s Bagels’ recipes, however.

Fox, who also owns Short North Bagel Deli, hopes the new recipes will afford Fox’s Bagels more room for growth and innovation in the future.

“The concept is still the same for the most part, but we can do more with the menu now,” Fox said. “We can focus on making things in-house and from scratch.”

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