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Boxwood Biscuit Co. is closing for good

Boxwood Biscuit Co. is closing for good

Jack McLaughlin

A well-known local spot for biscuits and fried chicken is closing its doors for good.

Boxwood Biscuit Co., owned by Annie Williams Pierce and Luke Pierce, who are also behind the popular cocktail bar Law Bird, announced that the eatery will permanetly close after service on Jan. 30

“We knew we took a big risk when we officially opened Boxwood on Russell Street in March, but we were full of ambition, hope, and drive that we could overcome anything. Sadly 2021 got the best of us,” a statement posted to Boxwood’s Instagram account reads. “Like countless other businesses, we faced supply chain issues, staffing shortages, sky rocketing product costs, and a yo-yoing pandemic that kept our new business in a constant state of fight or flight. Even the days of the week that the holidays fell this year weren’t on our side (and we know, we should have seen that one coming).”


The move isn’t entirely a surprise, as last week the restaurant made a post documenting some of its struggles that began “We need you.” 

Boxwood joins a long list of Columbus spots that have been affected by the recent surge of COVID cases, including Schmidt’s Sausage Haus, Hen Quarter and Momo Ghar, all of which have recently announced temporary closures (Schmidt’s has since reopened).

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