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Columbus BBQ restaurant posts video addressing negative online comments, “hate”

Columbus BBQ restaurant posts video addressing negative online comments, “hate”

Jack McLaughlin

Hoggy’s Restaurant & Catering is a popular local spot for indulgent barbecue offerings and more. The eatery recently took to Instagram to address negative online comments, in an attempt to make something positive out of it all.

In a video Hoggy’s posted to Instagram over the weekend, the Bethel Road restaurant addressed what it deems unproductive negativity in the forms of mean comments and posts.

“It’s easy to hate, hard to create 🐷😎 We value genuine feedback and we’re always looking to improve. Mean comments that aren’t even funny or helpful don’t make any sense to us lol.Business was great today and we’re closed tomorrow,” the post reads.


The corresponding video goes further in depth on the topic as well, mentioning general online “hate,” but also citing examples from specific users who appear to continually post negative feedback about the business.

Hoggy’s solution: Keep criticism coming, but make sure keep it productive.

“So if you’re one of those people…why don’t you respond to this, share a video of you doing what we’re trying to do, and maybe give us some tips, maybe we can improve our food; let’s collaborate, let’s do some good stuff,” the video says. “But if not, and you don’t want to do that, and you don’t want to post a video, you’re just a troll, and that’s a sad, sad life.”

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